Locals.org Launches in UAE, Revolutionizing Real-Life Social Networking for Entrepreneurs

Locals.org, the rapidly growing “real-life” social networking platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals, has officially launched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after securing $11 million USD in seed funding. With over 200,000 entrepreneurs already on board, Locals.org offers a unique platform for connecting like-minded individuals based on shared interests, whether for business networking, sports, socializing, or other activities. By facilitating both online connections and real-life meetups, the platform allows users to host and participate in various events, resulting in 400,000 connections and over 25,000 successful events to date.The platform’s launch in Dubai was marked by a Padel tournament hosted by Dubai-based entrepreneur and former Miss World Australia, Jessica Kahawaty. The event gained significant attention, with a video snippet going viral on Instagram and amassing 170 million views, making it one of the most viewed sports videos ever.Renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Sam Altman, Nik Storonsky, Jeremy Jauncey, Michael Acton Smith, Camilla Al Fayed, Pavel Durov, Natalia Vodianova, Herman Narula, and Matthew Freud, have already utilized Locals.org to host meetups and events, highlighting its appeal within the entrepreneurial community.Locals.org, founded by Eugene Nevgen, Natalia Vodianova, Sergey Gonchar, and Timon Afinsky, aims to become the largest online real-life social networking community for entrepreneurs in the Middle East. The platform not only connects individuals based on personal interests and hobbies but also fosters networking and collaboration among business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Its launch in London in 2021 garnered recognition as Apple’s “App of the Day” in the UAE, reflecting its growing user base locally and globally.Backed by venture capital investors such as Goodwater Capital, TheSoul Publishing, and Michael Antonov, Locals.org plans to expand throughout the Middle East region, providing a unique platform for online connections and real-life interactions.Eugene Nevgen, Co-Founder and CEO of Locals.org, expressed excitement about the launch in the UAE, recognizing the country as a hub for entrepreneurs. The platform aims to bring its innovative social networking vision to the market, facilitating meaningful connections and catalyzing entrepreneurial growth in the UAE.Natalia Vodianova, co-founder of Locals.org, highlighted the Middle East’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape and expressed the platform’s mission to not only connect individuals but also provide avenues for real-life communities and events. The goal is to support business growth and contribute to the UAE’s economic objectives, aligning with the D33 plan to double the size of the economy by 2033.With ambitious plans for growth, Locals.org envisions becoming the go-to app for real-life social networking in the region. By blending online and offline experiences, the platform aims to create a strong and supportive entrepreneurial community while revolutionizing the way business connections are made and nurtured in the digital age.

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