Meta[bolic], a Healthcare Innovator from the UAE, is Revolutionizing the Industry.

In the dynamic realm of health technology, pioneering startups are revolutionizing the approach to wellbeing. One standout in this arena is meta[bolic], a company founded in the UAE by Ali Hashemi and Ihsan Almarzooqi. Since its establishment five years ago, meta[bolic] has expanded its scope beyond its initial focus, making significant contributions to the rapidly growing wearables industry.

The company’s journey began with the launch of GluCare.Health in 2019, a platform dedicated to diabetes management, followed by the introduction of Zone.Health, focusing on weight management. Both platforms were later integrated under the meta[bolic] umbrella, which serves as the technological backbone for these initiatives. The underlying philosophy was rooted in the belief that hybrid healthcare, combining traditional care with digital and virtual elements, represented the future. According to Hashemi, CEO of meta[bolic], this vision aimed to empower patients by enabling them to transform data into actionable insights, ultimately leading to measurable improvements in health outcomes.

Successful startups excel at identifying market gaps, and meta[bolic] was no exception. Recognizing that existing digital health solutions addressed metabolic health but fell short in care provision and aligning incentives, the meta[bolic] team developed GluCare.Health to bridge this gap. Despite the perceived risks associated with deviating from conventional approaches, Hashemi and his team remained steadfast in their pursuit. Even in the face of industry giants like Livongo, whose acquisition by Teladoc for over US$18 billion signaled a different trajectory, meta[bolic] remained committed to its hybrid model.

Moreover, meta[bolic]’s self-funded status afforded the flexibility to take calculated risks and implement decisions swiftly. According to Hashemi, this approach enabled them to meticulously reconstruct the patient journey, seamlessly integrating physical and virtual components into a transformative experience. The outcomes spoke volumes: GluCare.Health achieved unprecedented results, surpassing industry standards with a remarkable 2.1% reduction in HbA1c levels in half the time compared to leading competitors.

In essence, meta[bolic] epitomizes the spirit of innovation and resilience, leveraging its unique hybrid model to redefine healthcare and drive tangible improvements in patient outcomes.

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