Untraceable Founder Tracy Harmoush: A Journey of Transformation and Inspiration

Tracy Harmoush

In a world where career choices are often met with societal expectations and the pressures of conformity, there are individuals who defy these norms and chart their unique paths. One such remarkable individual is Tracy Harmoush, the founder of Untraceable App and the host of the “What They Don’t Tell Us Podcast.” Her journey is nothing short of inspirational, starting from Denver, Colorado, and taking her across the globe.

Tracy Harmoush’s story begins in Denver, Colorado, where she spent her early years alongside her two older siblings. However, a pivotal moment in her life came when her parents decided to return to their homeland, Lebanon, after a decade spent abroad. This change in scenery would set the stage for Tracy’s incredible journey.

Despite the challenges of adjusting to a new environment, Tracy’s determination shone through. She graduated from the university at the tender age of 21, demonstrating her early prowess. Her thirst for adventure and learning eventually led her to Dubai, where she commenced her finance career as a Trader at Citigroup. For a whole decade, she delved into the world of Investment Banking, acquiring skills, knowledge, and experience in the financial sector.

In a world where financial stability and lucrative careers often hold sway, Tracy Harmoush’s decision to transition from investment banking to a more creative, entrepreneurial path is nothing short of courageous. Despite the social pressures urging her to reconsider her choices, she decided to embark on a new journey that would mark the beginning of a remarkable transformation.

Today, Tracy stands as an embodiment of a true renaissance woman, transitioning from an investment banker to an athlete and entrepreneur. Her journey represents a testament to breaking free from the confines of age, time, societal pressure, and perceived limitations. She not only embraced this transformation in her career but also across all facets of her life, including personal growth, career development, and achieving her fitness goals.

In 2018, Tracy established her company, Untraceable, where she has been tirelessly working to inspire others through her journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Tracy’s influence extends beyond her business ventures. She has been invited to host callisthenics and fitness workshops and retreats, as well as to speak at numerous engagements across the GCC, Levant, Asia, and North Africa. Her story has served as a source of motivation for many individuals, encouraging them to break free from their self-imposed limitations and chase their once-thought-impossible dreams.

Tracy Harmoush’s commitment to community impact in the fitness industry during the pandemic was acknowledged when she was awarded the Arab Woman Award in 2020. Her initiatives, including “LIVE with Tracy,” made a significant difference during challenging times. Her contributions to the fitness industry were further recognized when she was awarded the Fitness Influencer Award of the Year in 2022 at the MENA Content Creator Awards Event.

Tracy’s most recent venture, the “What They Don’t Tell Us” YouTube edutainment talk show series, is aimed at fostering curiosity and a growth mindset. In this series, Tracy engages in insightful discussions with corporate leaders, change makers, authors, entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and educators. These conversations aim to inspire and empower individuals by shedding light on valuable insights that are often left unsaid.

In a world where conformity is the norm, Tracy Harmoush’s journey stands as a testament to the extraordinary heights one can reach when one chooses to break free from expectations and embrace their unique path. Her story continues to inspire countless individuals to chase their dreams, challenge the status quo, and embark on their transformative journeys.

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