Usage of digital signatures in the UAE has surged by 216%.

In Riyadh, the UAE government’s proactive approach has led to a remarkable 216 percent surge in the utilization of digital signatures in 2023, as per the state-run news agency’s report on Monday.

Illustrating the rapid expansion of the digital economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council nation, the report highlighted the increasing adoption of blockchain technology, with nine banks, six exchange houses, and three insurance companies embracing it during the same period.

Omar bin Sultan Al-Olama, UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, underscored the government’s commitment to fostering a pioneering digital economy. Al-Olama emphasized that the UAE is spearheading initiatives and projects aimed at establishing a robust digital infrastructure, combining domestic expertise with technological advancements to propel the nation towards its digital economy objectives outlined in the national strategy.

Chairing a meeting of the UAE Council for Digital Economy held at the Securities and Commodities Authority in Dubai, Al-Olama outlined the council’s focus on strategic initiatives to accelerate the country’s digital transformation. These initiatives encompass various aspects such as digital infrastructure, e-commerce, financial technologies, investment stimulation, skill development, support for small and medium enterprises, and data collection for measuring the digital economy’s progress.

Additionally, the council examined advancements in digital services within the federal network, including features like voice-to-text and text-to-voice conversion, emotion analysis, keyphrase extraction, language analysis, and access to high-performance computing resources for machine learning applications.

Furthermore, discussions within the council delved into government service standards, data center distribution, and cloud computing deployment across Gulf countries, reflecting the comprehensive approach toward advancing the digital landscape in the region.

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