The waking state is associated with movement unless one is meditating or one is a couch potato. Back discomfort can have many different causes, including poor posture, lifting and moving heavy objects, prolonged bending or sitting in a hunched position, desk jobs without breaks, and prolonged driving without breaks, whether or not one is slumped. Here we bring you some tips to prevent your spine deviating from its S shape

The waking state is associated with movement unless one is meditating or one is a couch potato. There are various factors that lead to the different causes of back pain. Few of them, to note, are poor posture; lifting and carrying something heavy; lifting objects in a wrong way; pulling or pushing; over-stretching or twisting; sitting in a hunched position or bending for long durations; bad mattress or hunched bed; desk job without a break and long driving without a break whether one is hunched or not.

Back pain duration has 3 phases depending on the healing of the connective tissue.

  • Acute pain lasts up to 12 weeks.
  • Sub acute pain refers to the second half of the acute period or 6th to 12th week.
  • Chronic pain lasts beyond 12 weeks. The pain may radiate into the legs and the arms.

Do not hunch or slump as it makes the spine deviate from its S shape. The whole back should align against the back of your seat. Thus, adjust the seat such that you can engage with the pedals and the steering without having to leave the back of the seat. Adjust the seats such that you can easily see the road; and the hips and the knees are at the same level when the foot rests at the pedals or the car floor. Keep the spine straight and the shoulders square. Pull the steering wheel towards you so that you do not need to stretch up and forward the elbows much. This will put less strain on the arms and neck. Your shoulders should firmly rest against the seat. Head Rest should be at the level with the top of your head or at least at the eye level. Mirrors should be adjusted in such a way, that one needs to sit straight to see through them.

Car seats do not support or match the natural curve of your back. Use rolled towels or pillow behind your lower back. The base of your spine should be in contact with the back of the seat. Some people may prefer a towel or pillow support at the shoulder level or for upper back support. Supporting material at the thoracic level or the lumbar level supports the spine. One should not forget that human spine is not straight but an S shaped.

Thus proper seat arrangement, regular exercise and correct posture with pre-empt as well as alleviate back pain when driving. Have a safe journey.

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