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Al Ansari IPO: UAE money exchange may raise as much as $210m

Dubai’s Al Ansari Exchange has completed its first public offering (IPO), generating Dh773 million.

The UAE money and exchange company Al Ansari Financial Services may raise up to Dh773 million ($210 million) via the sale of a 10% interest in an initial public offering. According to the firm, it is selling 750 million shares and has set the offer share price range at between Dh1 and Dh1.03 per share, implying a market capitalisation of between Dh7.5 billion ($2.04 billion) and Dh7.73 billion ($2.10 billion) at listing.
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Financial literacy in youth: Why it’s important to teach your teens about money

Financial literacy is an important life skill that all individuals should possess, and it's never too early to start teaching it. In fact, financial education is especially crucial for youth, as it lays the foundation for their financial well-being later in life. Unfortunately, many young people today lack the basic financial knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their money. This is why it's so important for parents and educators to prioritize financial literacy in youth and teach them about money management early on. One of the main reasons why financial literacy is important for young people is that it helps them avoid financial mistakes that can have long-lasting consequences. For example, if a young person doesn't understand the importance of budgeting and saving, they may spend their money impulsively and accumulate debt. This debt can then follow them into adulthood, making it more difficult for them to achieve financial stability and success. However, if they have a solid understanding of money management from a young age, they are more likely to make wise financial decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
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