Rithika Reddy, Pooja Reddy & Neha Reddy, Co-founders of “ The Reddy Sisterss “ on Styling Tips, Givenchy Memories and working with family

We spoke candidly with Indian-American sisters & entrepreneurs Rithika, Pooja & Neha Reddy.

In a world often confused with an influencer influx, stars like The Reddy Sisters still stand out from the others and need no introduction. Rithika Reddy, Pooja Reddy, and Neha Reddy are fashion icons and lifestyle creators. Apart from that what we love most, is the love they have for each other and the bond they share, it’s so pure and innocent. The sisters, stay together, hang out together, travel together, and engage with their audience. One of their early campaigns (2018) and most favorite campaigns was Givenchy as they were able to just be themselves and shoot for the newly launched perfume however they saw fit. They have been working in the industry for more than a decade now and their content remains authentic and organic.

The Reddy Sisters are based in Dubai and hold a strong position in the influencer market. We have seen a lot of creators emerging in the UAE region and The Reddy Sisters are no different. They have over the years created a huge fan base for themselves and it’s safe to say that their position in the region is quite impressive.  They are now a family of more than 400k followers on Instagram. They have worked with some of the biggest brands over the years like UBER, Givenchy, Rovili. Even though they have worked with the biggest brands, they seem to truly support small businesses as well, in whatever way possible they can.

The Reddy Sisters each have their unique way of dressing and styling and when asked, they said it’s because they each have different body types so they dress accordingly. Also, they each help each other when it comes to new trends or If they want to color match for an event. They each have their own platforms where we can see their unique style more, but the page together is stronger as they have been on it for 10+ years. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the Dubai-based sisters!
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