Pakistani Boxer Mohammad Waseem Faces Visa Setback Ahead of Title Fight in the UAE

Pakistani boxing sensation Mohammad Waseem’s highly anticipated title fight in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has hit a major roadblock as his Dubai visa application has been rejected just days before the scheduled bout on July 22. The star boxer, a three-time WBC flyweight world silver champion, is set to face off against four-time world champion Donnie Nietes from the Philippines.

According to Waseem’s manager, the visa rejection was due to an unfortunate error made by a member of his team while filling out the application. The rejection has left the boxer and his team scrambling to rectify the mistake and reapply for the visa. They are now anxiously waiting for the visa to be issued within the next 12-13 hours. However, if the visa is not granted in time, the fight might have to be postponed to late July or early August.

Currently, Waseem is in Scotland, where he has been training diligently for this momentous showdown. The bout is being backed by Dubai-based Disrupt Promotions, who recently signed Waseem to their roster.

In a previous interview with The News in April, Waseem expressed his excitement for the upcoming fight against Nietes. He acknowledged that Nietes is a formidable opponent, being a four-time world champion in four different divisions and holding a top-four ranking in the WBC flyweight category. Nevertheless, Waseem was determined to take on the challenge, as defeating Nietes would catapult him to higher rankings in the flyweight division.

Reflecting on his recent setbacks, Waseem revealed that his boxing career had faced obstacles due to managerial changes and organizational issues. After his world title shot a year ago in Dubai, his former management company, MTK Global, ceased operations, and this year, Probellum also closed down, transferring many of its assets to Disrupt Promotions. These issues not only disrupted his crucial time but also hindered his progress in securing top rankings in the sport.

Despite the setbacks, Waseem remained resolute in his pursuit of becoming a world champion one day. He emphasized that he would not give up and was committed to working tirelessly to achieve his ultimate goal. Acknowledging the need to improve his rankings, Waseem understood that he would have to engage in several ranking fights before vying for another title shot.

The setback with the visa has undoubtedly added further challenges to Waseem’s journey, but his determination and dedication to his craft remain unwavering. His ambition to win a world title will serve as a driving force as he continues to prepare and push forward in his boxing career.

Fans and supporters of Mohammad Waseem eagerly await the resolution of the visa issue and the announcement of a new date for the highly anticipated title fight. As the boxing world holds its breath, Waseem’s indomitable spirit serves as a testament to his commitment to achieving greatness in the sport he loves.

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