Overcoming barriers to women’s representation in Dubai Police

Dubai Police have successfully addressed the challenges and lack of opportunities faced by women in police and law enforcement, according to Anoud Al Saadi, the President of the Women’s Council for Dubai Police. Speaking during the World Police Summit held in the emirate, Al Saadi highlighted the strides taken by the authority in providing women with opportunities in all police departments, as well as the support needed for them to perform their duties.

During a session titled ‘The challenges and opportunities facing women in police and law enforcement,’ Al Saadi emphasized the keenness of the Women’s Council, along with the directions and follow-up of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, to enhance women’s opportunities to be creative, innovative, and contribute alongside male officers.

The Women’s Council’s work has also earned Dubai Police the European Quality Management Challenge Award for ‘Diversity, Integration, and Gender Equality’ for 2021. The council has made qualitative achievements that contributed to the selection of women for many tasks in various scientific accomplishments.

Al Saadi noted that the summit witnessed the participation of 48 women, who are different police leaders around the world, sharing knowledge and research within the sessions of the summit.

The participation of women in the police and law enforcement sectors has been a longstanding issue in many countries worldwide. While there have been some successes in breaking down barriers, there are still numerous challenges to be addressed. In Dubai, however, the Women’s Council has played a significant role in creating opportunities for women in the police force.

In addition to offering equal opportunities to women, Dubai Police has been actively encouraging them to apply for various positions within the department. This has led to the creation of a more diverse police force that can better understand and serve the needs of the community.

Furthermore, Dubai Police’s efforts have gone beyond simply providing equal opportunities. They have also focused on creating an environment that is conducive to the success of women in the police force. This includes the provision of appropriate training and mentoring, as well as the development of policies that cater to the needs of women.

The Women’s Council for Dubai Police is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the police force. They have implemented a number of initiatives and programs that encourage women to pursue careers in law enforcement and support them in their professional development.

The World Police Summit provided an excellent opportunity for police leaders from around the world to share their experiences and best practices in promoting gender equality and empowering women in law enforcement. The participation of women leaders in such forums is essential for creating a network of support and knowledge-sharing that can help break down barriers and empower women in the field.

Dubai Police has made significant progress in promoting gender equality and empowering women in law enforcement. The Women’s Council has played a key role in this success, and their efforts have been recognized both nationally and internationally. The participation of women leaders in events like the World Police Summit is crucial for sharing knowledge and best practices and creating a supportive network for women in law enforcement.

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