Nurturing Empowered Women: Embracing Empathetic Leadership and Personal Development

In today’s rapid and demanding business environment, the mental health and well-being of employees play a crucial role in fostering a positive company culture and driving the bottom line. Tess Pereira, an award-winning psychologist and executive coach, has been making a significant impact in the industry through her transformative coaching approach that focuses on empathetic leadership, compassion, and personal development for all.

Tess’s coaching philosophy, known as “ABCD,” is a testament to her innate ability to address the unique needs of individuals across all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Her guidance emphasizes affective and emotional development, assisting clients in identifying their non-negotiables, and facilitating cognitive shifts that lead to deeper levels of personal fulfillment.

Through Tess’s coaching, clients experience a boost in emotional well-being, develop positive thoughts and behaviour patterns, and achieve their professional and personal goals with newfound purpose and vigour. She empowers her clients to make sustainable and quantifiable behavioural changes by capitalizing on their strengths and aligning their values and objectives.

As a psychologist, Tess provides a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and actions through talking therapy. Her clients gain self-awareness and learn to navigate complex emotions, while her expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps identify and modify unhelpful patterns, encouraging positive change and personal growth. Additionally, as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, Tess understands the intricate relationship between her clients’ thoughts and actions, allowing her to break negative thought cycles and promote positive behaviours.

Recognizing the significance of employee health and well-being in the workplace, Tess Pereira Coaching collaborates with employers to conduct intuitive workshops and seminars that foster employee well-being. Emphasizing the “Four pillars of happiness and positivity in the workplace” from the UAE Guide to Happiness and Wellbeing, Tess ensures that businesses prioritize the holistic well-being of their employees to increase engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Client testimonials further illustrate the positive impact of Tess’s coaching services. Tess Pereira is an exceptional professional who has made a profound impact on the lives of her clients, as evident from their heartfelt testimonies. Alexander Robertson, Vice President at Jumeirah Hotels, credits her empathetic and patient approach for positively impacting his mental health and professional awareness. Nour Hineidi, Director at Middle East Risk, commends Tess’s coaching, leading to a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Mimi Nicklin, a bestselling author and CEO, attests to Tess’s unique ability to empower clients to envision their futures differently and transform their business and personal paths.

If you are seeking personal and professional growth, reach out to Tess Pereira Coaching for life-changing coaching sessions that will unlock your full potential. She offers tailor-made programs for corporates to enhance leadership skills as well as the company culture. Drawing inspiration from her testimonials and remarkable track record, you can be confident that Tess Pereira will guide you towards a fulfilling and empowering journey of self-discovery and success.

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