NAFIS programme developments discussed in meeting between MoHRE and GPSSA

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) recently held a meeting to discuss the latest developments in the NAFIS programme. The NAFIS programme was established to support Emiratis who are currently employed in the private sector and jobseekers.

The attendees emphasised the importance of protecting the rights of Emiratis who are benefiting from the NAFIS programme. They discussed the need for entities and employers to register and pay monthly contributions on behalf of their Emirati employees in a timely and proficient manner. The first step to obtaining insurance benefits is registering with the GPSSA.

During the session, the MoHRE reviewed the applicable conditions and procedures that are undertaken to obtain NAFIS in support of Emiratis currently employed in the private sector. The attendees shed light on the significance of establishing a digital linkage system with pension funds to ensure the registration and monthly contributions of newly hired and current Emirati employees are done on time.

The meeting also discussed the need to implement continuous monitoring and compliance procedures to ensure that desired policy and legislation goals regulating the UAE’s labour market are properly enforced. This includes the implementation of the NAFIS programme and ensuring that support reaches those who deserve it. Other processes include the need to conduct surveys and studies and prepare reports based on employment data that support decision-makers in developing beneficial systems, updates, and procedures in NAFIS.

The MoHRE has partnered with pension fund authorities, including the GPSSA, to unravel any challenges that may hinder deliverables as part of the NAFIS programme. The participants aim to provide appropriate solutions that result in enhancing the quality of data shared through the usage of an effective digital linkage process.

The MoHRE is focused on ensuring the actual number of registered Emiratis in the programme is accurate and that the number of stakeholders and jobseekers registered on the platform is constantly updated. The participants in the meeting noticed a steady increase in the number of Emirati employees registered during the first few months of implementing the NAFIS programme.

Overall, the MoHRE and GPSSA are working together to ensure that the NAFIS programme is implemented effectively to support Emiratis in the private sector and jobseekers. They are continuously monitoring and enforcing policies and legislation to ensure that support reaches those who need it. By establishing a digital linkage system with pension funds and conducting surveys and studies, they aim to develop beneficial systems, updates, and procedures in NAFIS. The partnership between the MoHRE and GPSSA is vital in ensuring that the rights of Emiratis are protected and that the programme is implemented smoothly.

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