Mubadala Capital Unveils “Mubadala Capital Solutions” and Attracts Apollo Investment in Groundbreaking Strategic Move

In a groundbreaking development in the world of investment solutions, Mubadala Capital announced the launch of “Mubadala Capital Solutions,” a dynamic platform designed to cater to the distinctive needs of institutional investors and family offices. This momentous launch also witnessed Apollo, a prominent player in the investment arena, making a significant investment in Mubadala’s innovative evergreen solutions strategy.

The “Mubadala Capital Solutions” platform is poised to revolutionize investment opportunities by offering tailor-made solutions that span global asset classes, while also providing access to an exclusive array of proprietary private market investment options.

Comprising three fully integrated strategies, the Mubadala Capital Solutions platform aims to provide investors with access to an extensive roster of top-tier fund managers and direct investment opportunities, all within the framework of customized investment products.

The primary strategy within the Mubadala Capital Solutions platform is a highly diversified evergreen investment product, concentrating on private market opportunities. This strategic endeavor has been kick-started with a formidable $2.7 billion diversified portfolio sourced from Mubadala Capital’s own balance sheet. It boasts features such as low volatility, substantial embedded downside protection, an appealing cash yield from day one, and the potential for robust asset appreciation over time.

This innovative strategy leverages Mubadala Capital’s existing infrastructure, track record, and unparalleled access, allowing investors the unique opportunity to invest alongside Mubadala, the prestigious Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The second strategy revolves around Separately Managed Accounts, a framework that empowers investors to construct customized and tailored investment portfolios that align with their specific investment criteria, risk appetite, and liquidity requirements.

Adding to the platform’s arsenal is the integration of Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners, a strategic joint venture between Mubadala Capital and Alpha Wave. Established in 2019, Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners focuses on investing in top-tier investment firms and industry-leading businesses poised for significant growth within the Abu Dhabi Global Market. Having commenced with an initial allocation of $1 billion in 2019, this venture now manages approximately $1.7 billion in assets.

Heading the helm of Mubadala Capital Solutions are Maxime Franzetti, a founding member of Mubadala Capital, and Fatima Al Noaimi, formerly a senior figure in Mubadala Capital’s Private Equity division.

Reflecting on the launch of Mubadala Capital Solutions, Hani Barhoush, Managing Director and CEO of Mubadala Capital, expressed, “The introduction of Mubadala Capital’s new Solutions platform is a testament to our track record of delivering compelling risk-adjusted returns to our investors through our diverse fund offerings and investment strategies.”

He further added, “This new platform will leverage our expansive global network and existing portfolio to craft bespoke investment solutions, granting our partners access to proprietary investments typically beyond the reach of traditional investment avenues. Over the years, Mubadala has cultivated a deep, expansive, and multifaceted partnership with Apollo, and we are thrilled to expand this partnership into this exciting new platform.”

Apollo Co-President Jim Zelter enthusiastically commented, “Mubadala and Mubadala Capital are among our most sophisticated investment partners, and we are delighted to deepen our longstanding relationship through this strategic collaboration. They have built an extensive global network and capabilities in private markets, which we believe offer tremendous long-term growth and opportunity.”

Mubadala Capital Solutions is set to build upon the foundation of Mubadala Capital’s three existing businesses, encompassing Private Equity, Venture Capital, and a specialized opportunities strategy in Brazil. Presently, the firm manages an aggregate of approximately $20 billion in assets, spanning its own balance sheet investments and third-party capital vehicles, all serving institutional investors. With offices in Abu Dhabi, London, New York, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro, Mubadala Capital is poised to reshape the investment landscape.

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