Marriott Embraces Sustainability in Saudi Projects, Unveils Trojena Hotels

In a significant move aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Marriott International is set to prioritize sustainability as a fundamental element of its projects in the Kingdom. The announcement was made by Sandeep Walia, the Chief Operations Officer of Marriott International Middle East, during an interview at the Future Hospitality Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Walia highlighted Marriott’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, curbing food waste, and promoting the use of renewable energy across its Saudi ventures. He emphasized the resonance between Vision 2030’s sustainability goals and Marriott’s dedication to this crucial cause. The company is undertaking various initiatives, including reducing food waste by 50 percent and aiming for 30 percent renewable energy utilization.

Moreover, Marriott is actively exploring innovative ways to harness clean energy efficiently. One successful experiment involved the installation of solar panels on the roof of a Marriott hotel in Riyadh, showcasing the potential of solar energy adoption. Many other hotels within the chain are engaging in similar experiments, yielding highly encouraging results.

Marriott International boasts a four-decade presence in Saudi Arabia, with 36 operational hotels and an equal number in various stages of development. Walia acknowledged the transformation of Saudi hotels from being primarily business-focused to becoming leisure destinations. He attributed this shift to the 36 ongoing projects, highlighting the importance of diversifying offerings in response to evolving tourist preferences.

Commenting on Saudization efforts within the sector, Walia commended the positive impact it has had on the country. He noted that an increasing number of young Saudi nationals are joining Marriott’s workforce, with more than 45 percent of employees at the 36 open hotels being Saudi nationals. Furthermore, the company is intensifying its efforts to appoint Saudi nationals to top leadership positions, nurturing a group of high-performing individuals who are poised to take on roles as hotel managers or general managers within the next two years.

The interview coincided with Marriott International’s announcement of two new hotels under its brands to be built in Trojena, NEOM’s mountain destination. The renowned hospitality giant is partnering with the ambitious giga-project to introduce a W Hotel and a JW Marriott facility to the Trojena region.

This collaboration with NEOM aligns seamlessly with Trojena’s overarching mission to redefine mountain tourism on a global scale. Trojena aims to embrace the principles of ecotourism while setting a new industry standard for sustainable luxury experiences. The addition of these two prestigious Marriott properties in Trojena reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and the pursuit of sustainable tourism practices.

In conclusion, Marriott International’s decision to prioritize sustainability in its Saudi projects, along with the announcement of the Trojena hotels, marks a significant step toward a more environmentally conscious and responsible hospitality industry in the Kingdom. As Saudi Arabia continues to evolve as a global tourist destination, Marriott’s commitment to sustainability and Saudization efforts not only align with national goals but also contribute to the industry’s growth and development.

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