Lunch with Leopards is an exciting and unique dining experience in Abu Dhabi, where visitors can dine in the company of these majestic animals. The experience takes place at the Emirates Park Zoo, located in Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi. The zoo is home to over 1,400 animals, including lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, and, of course, leopards.

The Lunch with Leopards experience begins with a tour of the zoo, where visitors can get up close to the animals and learn about their habitat, diet, and behavior. The tour is led by experienced guides who provide fascinating insights into the animals’ lives. The tour also includes a visit to the leopard enclosure, where visitors can watch the leopards play and relax in their natural habitat.

After the tour, visitors are escorted to a private dining area, which is set up in the leopard enclosure. The dining area is surrounded by large glass windows, allowing visitors to watch the leopards while enjoying their meal. The lunch menu is a four-course meal that includes a variety of international dishes, such as mezze, grilled seafood, and desserts. The food is prepared by expert chefs, and visitors can choose from a selection of beverages, including soft drinks, juices, and coffee.

As visitors dine, they can observe the leopards as they move around the enclosure, climb trees, and play with each other. The leopards are accustomed to human presence, and visitors can watch them up close without disturbing them. It’s a thrilling experience to see these beautiful animals so close, and visitors often describe it as an unforgettable experience.

The Lunch with Leopards experience is not only an enjoyable dining experience, but it also promotes animal conservation and education. The Emirates Park Zoo is committed to animal welfare and has implemented several initiatives to support conservation efforts. The zoo’s breeding program for endangered species, including the Arabian leopard, aims to increase their population and ensure their survival in the wild. Visitors to the zoo can learn about these conservation efforts and contribute to them by purchasing souvenirs or adopting an animal.

In conclusion, Lunch with Leopards is an unforgettable dining experience that combines fine dining with animal encounters. Visitors can observe these magnificent creatures up close while enjoying a delicious meal in a unique setting. The experience promotes animal conservation and education and is an excellent way to support the Emirates Park Zoo’s efforts to protect endangered species. If you’re in Abu Dhabi and looking for an unusual dining experience, Lunch with Leopards is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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