Kate Hudson Is Grateful To Mom Goldie Hawn for Calling Out ‘Hollywood’s Double Standards for Women’ Early in Her Career

Kate Hudson expresses her admiration for Goldie Hawn over ‘strength’ and ‘conviction’
Kate Hudson expresses her admiration for Goldie Hawn over ‘strength’ and ‘conviction’

In a recent episode of Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson shared how proud she is of her mother, Goldie Hawn, and the battles she fought to achieve success in Hollywood. Hudson spoke about the double standards that women faced in the industry, and how her mother was ahead of the curve in recognizing and fighting against them. According to Hudson, while men were praised for speaking up and sharing their opinions, women were often labeled as “difficult and complicated” for doing the same.

Hawn was a trailblazer who fought to have her voice heard and her ideas recognized. She was seen as “difficult and complicated” because of her strong point of view, but instead of being silenced, she decided to take matters into her own hands and produce her own movies. This was a bold move during a time when women were not commonly producing their own films.

Hudson went on to praise her mother for her strength and conviction in the face of adversity. She credited Hawn with inspiring her own career in the industry and for never giving up on her dreams. Hawn’s successful career included movies such as Overboard, Private Benjamin, and The First Wives Club, and she had to work even harder than her male counterparts to achieve that success. Hudson was impressed by her mother’s determination and resilience, saying that she was “unbelievable” and always on the cutting edge of progress.

Hudson’s admiration for her mother’s unwavering dedication to her craft and willingness to fight against Hollywood’s sexist norms is evident. Hawn’s story serves as an inspiration to women everywhere, and her legacy continues to impact the industry today.

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