Insights from the Frontlines: Kristina Tantsyura Pioneering the UAE and Gulf Market Entry Industry

Kristina Tantsyura

“Nothing is impossible” serves as the ideology behind Sky Consulting Group in the UAE, a company offering a comprehensive array of consultation, legal, and business services. Kristina Tantsyura, the co-founder and managing partner, is one of the driving forces behind this thriving community, leading from the front in the city of Dubai.

Founded in 2011, Sky Consulting Group has steadily expanded its services, becoming an international powerhouse in business facilitation and development in the UAE and the Middle East. Their expertise encompasses relocation services, business development and management, registration processes, as well as financial services such as accounting and auditing. Additionally, they specialize in marketing, public relations, governmental relations (GR), and adept event management, forming an all-encompassing consulting solution for businesses seeking success in the region. The company’s coordinated team of professionals shares a unified vision: to conquer challenges and surmount barriers with a can-do attitude

Kristina Tantsyura, with her extensive background in finance and additional education in law, marketing, and GR, has been instrumental in steering the company towards greater heights. Beginning her journey in 1999 at, an investment technology corporation, she gathered invaluable experiences in the corporate industry. Her tenure at Siemens, HP, and CA Technologies further enriched her array of skills, culminating in her important role at Sky Consulting Group.

In 2011, her venture into the UAE marked a significant turning point. Engaged in a project in Russia, she identified the potential for assisting foreign companies in navigating the local market. This realization laid the foundation for her involvement in Sky Consulting Group, where her vision and expertise have propelled the company forward. 

Networking forms a vital part of her success. “I actively build up live contacts, primarily at exhibitions and conferences – both large and small. In addition, my clients often introduce me to their friends or business partners and recommend me to them. Many years of experience and reputation help me to constantly acquire new contacts and increase my client base.” Kristina’s distinctive strength lies in her keen understanding of her clients’ challenges and her ability to provide pragmatic solutions. Her effective communication skills enable her to guide clients, helping them avoid pitfalls while assuring them that every issue has a resolution. Above all, she emphasizes the importance of client care and being a reliable problem-solver.

Under her guidance, Sky Consulting Group has amassed a host of achievements. Kristina has been acknowledged as a recognized expert in facilitating market entry into the UAE and the Gulf, earning accolades such as being named among the Top 50 Channel Chiefs in the Middle East and one of the 50 most influential women in Dubai by Woman Entrepreneur magazine in 2023. As a regular Forbes columnist, she shares her insights and expertise with a global audience, showcasing her profound influence and impact on the business industry.

Her motivation emanates from an inner well of determination. “I am a constant source of inspiration for myself. I know how to find something inside me every time I run out of energy or ideas. And my youngest daughter is my main outlet, a source of happiness and mental balance.” She states. 

In her leisure time, Kristina indulges in tennis and nurtures her interest in fashion and image-making. Her dedication to her craft remains steadfast as she strives to finish her book on the intricacies of business in the UAE, aiming to publish it in Russian by the end of the year, followed by an English edition in 2024. With a clear vision for the future, she aims to empower businesses and share her insights globally through her forthcoming book, transcending language barriers and shaping the trajectory of business ventures in the UAE.

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