India’s Top IIT Engineering College Teaches Emirati Pupils ‘Nothing is Impossible’

A group of exceptional Emirati teenagers has gained a powerful perspective on the mantra “nothing is impossible” through their enrollment in one of the world’s most esteemed engineering institutions.

Handpicked by the UAE’s education authority for their exemplary academic achievements, a select number of young Emiratis were granted the extraordinary opportunity to attend the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) last month. The IIT Delhi is set to establish its inaugural overseas campus in the UAE next year and, in anticipation, has organized advanced summer math and science programs as well as university admission test preparation courses in Abu Dhabi specifically tailored for these talented Emirati students.

Distinguished educators from India are currently leading instructional sessions for nearly 100 Emirati students in advanced mathematics and college admission preparation for esteemed global universities. Practical laboratory sessions are taking place at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed University throughout this month.

The imminent opening of IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi presents an exciting prospect for students. Instead of merely importing technology, they will be empowered to create it themselves, fostering a culture of innovation and self-reliance.

Tanmay Bunkar, the CEO of BotLab Dynamics, a start-up that originated at IIT-Delhi, highlighted the significance of the new campus, stating, “IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi presents a big opportunity for students – instead of importing technology they can create it themselves.”

Scheduled to launch in September of the following year, the IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi campus endeavors to attract the brightest young minds in the fields of technology and engineering.

Notably, during a recent visit by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE, an official agreement was formalized between the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), Sunjay Sudhir, India’s ambassador to the UAE, and IIT Delhi. This agreement reinforces the collaborative approach to fostering advanced education and technological innovation between the two nations.

Among the fortunate students chosen by Adek for this remarkable opportunity is 17-year-old Fatima Al Jneibi. She recently participated in a 10-day engineering program at the IIT Delhi campus and is currently engaged in month-long learning sessions in Abu Dhabi.

As Fatima aspires to apply to esteemed US universities, she now includes IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi on her list of potential institutions. She shared her excitement about being taught by IIT professors, some of whom have also taught at prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT.

“I have always regarded Harvard as a dream college and to be taught by IIT professors who have taught at Harvard and MIT is amazing to me,” expressed Fatima. She continued, “I’m learning a lot. I have faith in myself but I feel they made me believe in myself a lot more. They kept telling us ‘nothing is impossible’ and that we can start with a simple idea and move on from there.”

The sentiment shared by Fatima encapsulates the spirit of empowerment and innovation that institutions like IIT-Delhi are nurturing in young minds. Through partnerships like these, the UAE is fostering a new generation of leaders who believe in their potential to shape the future and overcome any challenge.

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