Immersive Gamebox: A Hyper-Immersive Gaming Experience Arrives in the UAE

Immersive Gamebox, a new interactive gaming concept, has arrived in the UAE, offering players a hyper-immersive, gear-free gaming experience. The concept, originally from London, features high-tech rooms equipped with patented touch screens, 3D motion tracking, and surround sound, providing an almost gearless gaming experience. Players only need to wear visors for an immersive gaming adventure.

Two branches of Immersive Gamebox have already opened in Dubai and Sharjah, located within Magic Planet outlets in City Centre Mirdif and City Centre Al Zahia, respectively. More branches are planned to be introduced across the UAE in the near future.

The games at Immersive Gamebox are designed for two to six players, encouraging friendly competition. Players wear visors, and once a game is selected, teams are formed, and the gaming experience begins. Currently, there are 12 titles available to choose from, including popular games like Squid Game and Angry Birds, as well as others like Alien Aptitude Test, Ticket to Mars, Psychedelic Mansion, Temple of Coins, and Trivia Mash-up. The games typically run for 15 to 30 minutes, with some titles offering up to an hour of gameplay.

Immersive Gamebox was founded in 2019 by Will Dean, the former chief executive of Tough Mudder, and David Spindler, the company’s chief financial officer. Since its launch, the gaming platform has expanded to 16 locations in Europe and the US, including cities like London, New York, and Berlin. Over the next three years, the company plans to open 250 locations across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

With the growing leisure and entertainment sector in the Middle East, Immersive Gamebox sees promising growth opportunities in the UAE. The gaming platform is particularly excited about localizing some of its titles into Arabic, catering to the region’s diverse audience. Tickets for Immersive Gamebox start at Dh70 per person, and more information can be found on their official website.

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