‘Heartstopper’ Star Kit Connor Is Making the Jump From Romance to Horror With Next Role

Actor Kit Connor has been selected to star in the horror film One of Us, according to Deadline. The movie will be an allegorical thriller focused on a family who is trying to cope with the death of a loved one during a funeral. Kit Connor’s character will prioritize keeping their hearts beating over stopping them. 

Kit Connor, who rose to fame for his role as Nick in the popular Netflix series “Heartstopper,” is set to take on a new challenge with his next role in a horror film. The British actor has been cast in the upcoming horror movie “The Coloring Room,” marking a departure from his previous work in romantic comedies and dramas.

“The Coloring Room” is a horror film based on the true story of the infamous “blackout murders” that took place in London during World War II. The film follows a group of women who work in a munitions factory during the war and are terrorized by a serial killer who preys on them during the city’s frequent blackouts. Kit Connor will play the role of one of the factory workers, who becomes a target of the killer.

This marks a significant departure from Kit Connor’s previous work, which has mostly been in romance and coming-of-age stories. However, the young actor has shown a talent for a range of genres, having also starred in the action-comedy film “Rocketman” and the historical drama “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”

In an interview with Deadline, Kit Connor spoke about his excitement for the upcoming project, saying, “I’m thrilled to be part of such an incredible cast and crew for ‘The Coloring Room.’ It’s a real change of pace for me and I can’t wait to explore this new genre and challenge myself as an actor.”

The film is being directed by horror veteran Claire McCarthy, who has previously directed the horror film “The Turning” and the psychological thriller “Ophelia.” The cast also includes veteran actors Sophie Okonedo and David Morrissey, along with rising stars Tamara Lawrance and Honor Swinton Byrne.

With the success of “Heartstopper” and his impressive range as an actor, Kit Connor is sure to make an impact in his first foray into the horror genre. “The Coloring Room” promises to be a chilling and intense film, and fans of the genre will be eager to see how Kit Connor and the rest of the cast bring the story to life.

In conclusion, Kit Connor’s upcoming role in “The Coloring Room” marks a departure from his previous work in romantic comedies and dramas. The young actor has shown a talent for a range of genres, and his first foray into horror promises to be a thrilling and intense experience for audiences. With an impressive cast and crew behind the film, “The Coloring Room” is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated horror movies of the year.

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