Global Hospitality Leaders Seek Investment Opportunities at Abu Dhabi Summit

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The global hospitality industry is poised to experience a significant surge in investment, with prominent figures from the sector representing over 50 countries gathering for the Future Hospitality Summit in Abu Dhabi from September 25 to 27.

Under the overarching theme of “Focus on Investment,” this event will play a pivotal role in igniting change by fostering connections among more than 1,000 leaders in the hospitality field, providing them with a platform for discussions, dialogues, initiatives, and announcements.

Taking place at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island, the three-day agenda features a distinguished lineup of over 150 speakers participating in panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, roundtable deliberations, innovation presentations, and student-led sessions.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, Jonathan Worsley, Chairman of the organizing company, The Bench, shared insights into the multitude of networking opportunities and special events attendees can anticipate during the summit.

“From our well-established FHS business card exchange and networking receptions to early morning runs, yoga classes, culinary tours, and golf, there are numerous experiences available for our delegates to connect and network,” he elaborated. “As the leading hospitality and tourism summit in the region, we eagerly await three days filled with discussions, debates, and dealmaking.”

Worsley also emphasized that the event’s agenda would explore a diverse range of topics, including the significance of environmental, social, and corporate governance, the influence of the current geopolitical landscape on investment prospects, and the integration of technology within the industry.

“Technology will once again take center stage in the FHS program, with leaders delving into the future of the hospitality and travel tech landscape. One particularly intriguing session is the presentation by Cenk Sidar, CEO, and co-founder of Enquire AI, where he will provide valuable insights into the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its impact on business decision-making,” Worsley highlighted.

Additionally, he spotlighted a panel discussion led by Marco S. Rentsch, a partner at PwC Middle East’s Global Consulting Hospitality and Tourism Center of Excellence. This discussion will delve into the ongoing digital transformation within the hospitality sector, examining best practices and strategies spanning various industries.

“This panel discussion will explore topics such as how technology can enhance operational processes, monetize data for optimizing guest experiences, and support the sector in achieving ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals,” Worsley said.

He also shared insights from Tatiana Labaki, Head of Hotel and Tourism Advisory at TONOMUS NEOM, one of the panelists in this session. Labaki emphasized the pivotal role of technology as an enabler of seamless guest experiences and its contribution to enhancing key hospitality aspects, including guest experiences, revenue growth, and operational efficiency.

Worsley stressed the importance of nurturing entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector to drive technology adoption and foster innovation. “FHS takes pride in serving as a launching pad for promising startups within the industry,” he concluded.

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