Farhad Azizi: Leading Dubai’s Premier Property Developer to Excellence

Farhad Azizi

Farhad Azizi, the Chief Executive Officer of Azizi Developments and Vice Chairman of the Azizi Group, stands as a beacon of excellence in Dubai’s real estate sector. With expertise spanning finance, banking, construction, oil & gas, and hospitality, Azizi leads Azizi Developments, the city’s premier property developer, renowned for its opulent residential and commercial projects.

Born and raised in Dubai, Azizi’s journey is intertwined with the remarkable story of his father, Mr. Mirwais Azizi, who, armed with determination and meagre resources, founded Azizi Group in 1989. Today, Azizi Group stands as a testament to its founder’s resolve, synonymous with excellence in construction and development.

An alumnus of the University of Tulsa, Farhad Azizi further honed his skills by attaining an MBA in finance management from Boston-Suffolk University. His experiences in Europe eventually led him back to the UAE, particularly to Dubai, a city that continues to inspire him. Farhad recognizes the symbiotic relationship between Azizi’s success and Dubai’s growth, speaking fervently about the boundless opportunities within the region.

For Farhad, every home built by Azizi Group carries a profound significance. He vividly recalls the day his father received the keys to their inaugural family home—a symbol not just of bricks and mortar, but of a journey marked by resilience. To Farhad, each residence represents a unique narrative, a testament to the indomitable spirit of its owner.

Mr. Farhad Azizi embodies leadership in its truest sense—a living testament to the adage of doing what one loves and loving what one does. Equally adept in the boardroom and on the construction site, Farhad’s dedication permeates every facet of Azizi Group. From conceptualization and financial planning to project execution and post-sales service, his hands-on approach has positioned him as a sought-after speaker at industry events and development seminars. Farhad Azizi’s unwavering commitment to excellence continues to shape the landscape of Dubai’s real estate industry, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s skyline.

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