Emirati Visionary Amira Sajwani Leads Innovation in Real Estate and Proptech

Amira Sajwani

Emirati businesswoman and entrepreneur, Amira Sajwani, is making waves in the real estate industry with her dynamic leadership and groundbreaking ventures. As the Managing Director of Sales & Development at DAMAC Properties, and the founder of PRYPCO and Amali Properties, Amira has carved a niche for herself as a pioneer in the world of property development and technology.

At DAMAC Properties, Amira’s role is pivotal in shaping the growth strategy and product development for the brand’s international real estate portfolio. Her influence spans the entire development process, from conceptual design to construction, and further extends into marketing and analytics. With a hands-on approach, she ensures every project embodies DAMAC’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Moreover, Amira’s responsibilities extend to overseeing DAMAC’s extensive network of direct and independent sales agents, along with associated programs and initiatives. Her vision is to create an ecosystem that not only facilitates seamless transactions but also fosters meaningful relationships between buyers, investors, and homeowners.

In 2022, Amira unveiled PRYPCO, a groundbreaking UAE-based Proptech ecosystem. This platform offers tailored advice to a diverse clientele, including buyers, investors, homeowners, and agents. PRYPCO revolutionizes the real estate landscape by simplifying the often complex process of property transactions. By uniting buyers and suppliers in a convergent marketplace, the platform provides personalized guidance from industry specialists, streamlining the entire experience.

Amira’s academic prowess, having graduated from both University College London (UCL) and the London School of Economics (LSE), is mirrored in her innovative approach to business. Her dedication to advancing knowledge and education is further exemplified by her advocacy for women in business and her unwavering commitment to improving access to education.

With a visionary like Amira Sajwani at the helm, the real estate industry is set for a transformative journey. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with her passion for innovation and education, positions her as a formidable force in both the real estate and Proptech sectors. As she continues to shape the future of property development, Amira serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates for progress in the global business landscape.

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