Dubai-based jewellery designer on designing gemstones with a twist

Dubai has long been a hub of creativity and innovation in the world of jewellery design. With its rich history of gemstone trade and cutting, it has attracted some of the most talented and skilled designers in the world. Among them is a Dubai-based jewellery designer who is making waves in the industry with her unique approach to gemstone design.

This designer, who prefers to remain anonymous, is known for her unconventional use of gemstones. Rather than simply cutting them into traditional shapes and settings, she seeks to highlight the natural beauty of each stone by incorporating unexpected elements and textures. Her designs often feature rough, uncut stones set in asymmetrical arrangements or paired with contrasting materials like wood, leather, or metal.

One of her signature pieces is a pendant necklace made from a single, raw diamond. Rather than polishing and shaping the diamond into a traditional cut, she leaves it in its natural state, suspended from a delicate chain. The result is a striking piece that showcases the diamond’s inherent beauty and imperfections.

Another design that highlights the designer’s unique approach is a pair of earrings featuring slices of raw agate set in geometric frames. The rough, jagged edges of the agate are left exposed, creating a striking contrast with the sleek lines of the metal frames.

The designer is also known for her use of unconventional materials in her jewellery designs. In one collection, she incorporates wooden beads and leather cords into bracelets and necklaces, adding a rustic, bohemian touch to her otherwise refined pieces. In another, she pairs delicate gold chains with chunky, industrial-looking metal clasps, creating a bold and unexpected statement.

Despite her unconventional approach to gemstone design, the designer’s pieces are always impeccably crafted and finished to the highest standards. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every piece she creates, whether it’s a simple pendant necklace or a complex, multi-layered bracelet.

Overall, this Dubai-based jewellery designer is breaking new ground in the world of gemstone design with her innovative use of materials and textures. Her pieces are a testament to the beauty and versatility of gemstones and a reminder that there is always room for creativity and experimentation in the world of jewellery design.

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