Drama Unfolds as Sara Beth Liebe Quits American Idol ‘To Be With Her Kids’ amid ‘Mom-Shaming’ Comments From Katy Perry

Sara Beth Quits American Idol ‘To Be With Her Kids’ After Katy Perry Mom-Shamed Her
Sara Beth Quits American Idol ‘To Be With Her Kids’ After Katy Perry Mom-Shamed Her

In the latest episode of the popular singing competition American Idol, contestant Sara Beth Liebe made a shocking announcement that left fans reeling. The young mother declared that she was quitting the show, citing her guilt for being away from her children as the reason.

This decision came after a series of events that started weeks ago during Liebe’s audition, where judge Katy Perry made a comment about her age and motherhood status. Liebe later criticized Perry’s comment for not being kind, and the drama only intensified in the April 2 episode.

Perry, who had previously been accused of mom-shaming Liebe, attempted to persuade the contestant to stay on the show. She urged Liebe not to give up on her potential and reminded her that self-love is just as vital as maternal love. However, Liebe was unwavering in her decision to quit, stating that she appreciated Perry’s kind words but knew she would regret her choice.

This incident sparked a conversation about mom-shaming and the importance of women supporting and uplifting each other. Liebe’s response on TikTok emphasized this point, calling on women to stand together and promote positivity. Meanwhile, Perry and the other judges on American Idol have previously stated that they believe in giving constructive criticism rather than being unnecessarily harsh.

The drama on American Idol never seems to end, and this time it involved a contestant’s personal life. As fans continue to tune in to the show, they can only hope that future episodes will focus more on the contestants’ musical talents and less on their personal lives.

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