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The Rabdan Academy recently hosted the Promising Practices Forum, an event aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences between university students, faculty, professionals, and experts in the campus life and student affairs sectors. Attended by a diverse group of national universities and education institutions, the forum was a platform for sharing educational, training, and professional activities among national university students and staff.

The event featured several panel discussions covering a wide range of topics relevant to students and staff in the higher education sector. These topics included freshman transition and challenges, delivering a world-class student experience, supporting senior students, and career advising. The discussions covered various aspects of student life, from academic challenges to social and personal development.

Experts, faculty, and student affairs professionals from different universities in the country attended the forum, creating a collaborative environment where they could exchange ideas and best practices. Dr. Khadija Farhan Alhumaid, Director of Student Affairs at Rabdan Academy, expressed her gratitude for the participation of all those involved and acknowledged their contribution to the forum’s success in achieving its desired goals.

Dr. Aisha Al Naqbi, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at New York University Abu Dhabi, emphasised the importance of staying up-to-date with global developments and applying best practices related to student experience in a way that contributes to the success and excellence of students.

The participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences, and expertise that contribute to enriching campus life and enhancing students’ well-being and success. Many attendees hope that the event will become an annual occurrence to enrich the reality of student life in national universities across the country.

The forum was a significant step towards fostering collaboration among universities in the country and promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the higher education sector. It provided a platform for sharing innovative practices and ideas that can help universities enhance their educational and training activities and provide a better student experience.

The panel discussions highlighted the challenges faced by universities in the country, particularly in supporting senior students and advising them on their careers. It also highlighted the importance of delivering a world-class student experience that is on par with global standards. The discussions provided valuable insights and best practices that universities can implement to improve their performance in these areas.

Overall, the Promising Practices Forum was a resounding success that demonstrated the commitment of universities in the country to providing the best possible educational and training experiences for their students. The event was a valuable opportunity for experts, faculty, and student affairs professionals to exchange ideas and best practices and to learn from each other’s experiences. The success of the forum highlights the importance of collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the higher education sector, and it is hoped that similar events will be organised in the future to build on the momentum generated by this successful event.

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