Deliveroo Unveils Substantial Expansion in Grocery Operations in the UAE.

Deliveroo UAE Reports Significant Growth in On-Demand Grocery Services. Deliveroo UAE has announced a notable increase in its on-demand grocery services, showcasing a remarkable surge in grocery order volumes year-over-year. In 2023, the number of on-demand grocery (ODG) sites doubled across the UAE, with Dubai witnessing a 62% growth in grocery orders and Abu Dhabi experiencing a remarkable 135% surge. This growth underscores Deliveroo’s ongoing dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers while highlighting the value and convenience it brings to its user base.

The substantial rise in grocery order volumes is attributed to Deliveroo’s extensive network of grocery partners and its innovative services tailored to enhance customer convenience. Since 2022, Deliveroo has introduced three Hop sites, its rapid grocery delivery service, offering customers on-demand groceries in as little as 15 minutes.

In response to customer demand, Deliveroo UAE introduced the top-up feature, an in-app service enabling customers to seamlessly add additional grocery items from Deliveroo Hop to their takeaway orders. Prashant Talwar, Director of Groceries & Retail at Deliveroo UAE, emphasized the increased interest in on-demand grocery among customers, resulting in a significant surge in grocery order volumes. Talwar also highlighted Deliveroo’s commitment to enhancing customer value by investing in new services, features, and strategic partnerships.

Deliveroo’s latest offering, Deliveroo Shopping, further demonstrates this commitment by expanding its range to include Electronics, Health & Pharmacies, Flowers, Pet Essentials, Gifts, Toys & Games, and Beauty & Toiletries.

As Deliveroo UAE continues to play a vital role in its customers’ on-demand delivery experience, the award-winning delivery service remains dedicated to enhancing its offering by combining convenience and variety.

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