Debanjali Kamstra Brings Home Mrs Earth 2023 Crown for UAE

In a historic achievement, expatriate Debanjali Kamstra proudly represented the UAE at the global pageant Mrs Earth and emerged victorious, winning the coveted Mrs Earth 2023 crown.

In a historic achievement, expatriate Debanjali Kamstra proudly represented the UAE at the global pageant Mrs Earth and emerged victorious, winning the coveted Mrs Earth 2023 crown. The event, held at Okada Manila hotel in the Philippines, saw Debanjali dazzle the audience in a stunning yellow bejeweled gown as she gracefully walked as the queen of the evening.

Debanjali’s triumph was a dream come true, as she became the first-ever candidate to represent the UAE at the Mrs Earth pageant. Her journey to the crown had been remarkable, having also represented the UAE at Mrs World 2021, where she showcased her exceptional qualities and narrowly missed the title, securing the position of second runner-up.

For Debanjali, being a candidate for the UAE held special significance, as she has been residing in the country for over 13 years. Expressing her excitement, she stated that the competition was perfect, aligning with the UAE’s focus on sustainability. “This is the year of sustainability for the UAE, and Mrs Earth seeks to promote sustainability in our life, fashion, and other areas of living,” Debanjali shared with Khaleej Times before flying to Manila for the prestigious event.

The pageant celebrated women while also emphasizing the importance of preserving nature and promoting eco-friendly practices. Debanjali’s victory was a testament to her dedication and passion for making a positive impact on the environment and advocating for sustainability.

Beating out 45 other candidates from around the world, Debanjali’s remarkable journey from being a devoted mother of two to becoming the queen of Mrs Earth exemplifies her commitment to both her family and her beliefs. Aside from being a caring mother, Debanjali is an accomplished entrepreneur, managing three organizations, demonstrating her prowess in the business world.

Her professional journey started in 2008 when she joined Emirates airlines as a cabin crew member. From there, she embarked on an inspiring path of growth, constantly striving to make her dreams a reality.

Overwhelmed with joy, Debanjali celebrated her win, expressing her gratitude for the fulfillment of her dream. “Can you believe that a dream also comes true?” she posted on social media, acknowledging that this moment was the result of two years of hard work, determination, and unwavering support from her loved ones and well-wishers.

Her husband, in particular, couldn’t contain his happiness for her achievement. Expressing his pride and joy, he shared a heartfelt post, stating that the night would forever remain unforgettable for them. The couple’s love and support for each other have been a pillar of strength throughout her journey.

Debanjali’s win not only brought pride to the UAE but also symbolized the empowerment of women and the importance of pursuing one’s dreams with dedication and perseverance. As a role model for many aspiring women, she exemplifies the spirit of the UAE, a country that embraces diversity and provides opportunities for individuals to thrive and achieve greatness.

Her triumph at the Mrs Earth pageant will undoubtedly inspire countless others to embrace their passions, work towards a sustainable future, and contribute positively to society.

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