Burjeel Holdings to Operate One of UAE’s Largest ADNOC-Owned Healthcare Facilities

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has announced that Burjeel Holdings, a leading UAE healthcare provider, will take full operational responsibility for one of the largest ADNOC-owned healthcare facilities in the country. The move aims to enhance healthcare accessibility for ADNOC employees, their families, and the broader community in the Al Dhafra and Al Ruwais region.

The agreement between ADNOC and Burjeel Holdings is expected to bolster medical services in the region and provide comprehensive healthcare solutions to ADNOC’s workforce and the surrounding population. As one of the nation’s leading oil and gas companies, ADNOC places a high priority on the health and well-being of its employees and their families.

Burjeel Holdings is renowned for its exceptional healthcare services, and its partnership with ADNOC further solidifies its position as a key player in the UAE’s healthcare sector. The healthcare provider is committed to delivering top-quality medical care and is dedicated to meeting the specific healthcare needs of ADNOC personnel and residents in the region.

With this operational responsibility transfer, Burjeel Holdings will work towards upgrading and expanding the healthcare facility, providing state-of-the-art medical equipment, and ensuring access to a wide range of specialized healthcare services. The goal is to offer comprehensive medical care and enhance healthcare outcomes for all beneficiaries.

This strategic collaboration aligns with the UAE’s vision of fostering a world-class healthcare system that caters to the needs of the nation’s population. ADNOC’s decision to partner with Burjeel Holdings reflects its commitment to providing the highest standard of medical care for its employees and the local community.

The move is also expected to have positive economic implications for the region, as it will attract skilled healthcare professionals and create employment opportunities for medical staff. Additionally, the upgraded healthcare facility will attract patients from neighboring areas, contributing to the region’s overall healthcare ecosystem.

In response to the partnership, Burjeel Holdings expressed its dedication to ensuring the facility’s seamless transition and the continuous delivery of quality healthcare services. As part of its mission, the healthcare provider will prioritize patient-centered care and emphasize the importance of preventive healthcare measures.

The collaboration is seen as a significant step towards achieving ADNOC’s strategic objective of providing a comprehensive healthcare infrastructure for its employees and their families. By entrusting Burjeel Holdings with the operational management, ADNOC demonstrates its confidence in the healthcare provider’s capabilities and expertise.

The healthcare sector in the UAE has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, and collaborations between private healthcare providers and large corporations like ADNOC are crucial for advancing medical services in the country. The partnership aims to further strengthen the UAE’s healthcare infrastructure, fostering a healthier society and better quality of life for its residents.

With Burjeel Holdings at the helm, the ADNOC-owned healthcare facility is expected to flourish as a center of excellence, providing world-class medical care to the workforce and residents in the Al Dhafra and Al Ruwais region. As the partnership progresses, the UAE’s healthcare landscape is poised to witness transformative improvements that will positively impact the nation’s healthcare industry for years to come.

The operational transfer is scheduled to be completed in the coming months, and ADNOC employees and the local community are eagerly anticipating the enhanced healthcare services and facilities that the partnership will bring. As the project unfolds, Burjeel Holdings’ commitment to excellence and patient care is expected to further elevate the standard of healthcare in the UAE.

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